Organisational Development & Design

Innovation Central's organisational development and design services shape clients to ensure that they are future-focused and 'match fit'. We support them to help define 'what great looks like' whilst providing clarity of accountability for each person to drive their own and the business's performance.

What we do.

Organisations must adapt to meet the fluctuating demands of their environment and customers. This flexibility is not the sole preserve of your business strategy. Your organisational design and development are critical to enabling your success. Effective organisational design and development aligns culture, accountability and performance to enable your business strategy to move from a ‘target state’ to an ‘end destination‘.

Innovation Central provides end-to-end organisational development services, enabling clients to grow, operate more efficiently, perform consistently and make better decisions.

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Strategic Organisational Development

An overview of how Innovation Central delivers OD&D services.

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Developing Organisational Values

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Behavioural Frameworks

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Change Management Programmes

Example change management programmes to support the long-term sustainability of organisational change.

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Role Profiles

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Performance Management Frameworks

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Strategic Workforce Planning

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Cultural Assessment

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How we do it.

Successful organisational development starts with effective organisational design. Innovation Central works closely with clients to design future-focused, ‘match fit’ service frameworks and structures that provide the architecture to remove duplication of effort, maximise efficiencies, build resilience, and create value-adding spans of leadership.

We support our clients in defining the key accountabilities, measures of success, behaviours and technical competencies associated with each role. This process helps our clients embed a consistent culture aligned to their new service frameworks. Additionally, the process future-proofs roles by establishing the skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications needed to conduct roles effectively in the present whilst defining career pathways for the future.

By implementing resourcing methods that reflect the role profiles and culture, clients ensure they attract and retain the right talent. Structured induction, onboarding processes and learning and development offerings are clearly defined to drive the right actions and behaviours. As a result, Innovation Central clients can shape their employee experience from candidates to a competent colleagues and beyond.

Consistently managing people and performance is the lifeblood of any successful organisation. We believe that effective performance balances the task required and the behaviours utilised; providing clarity of accountability and expectation for each drives sustainable positive results.

Consequently, we design and develop tools that help to facilitate this process. We provide clients with a range of practical and user-friendly resources that enables managers to drive performance with and through others whilst embedding the target culture.

It’s straightforward when you think about it. Be clear on what you want people to deliver and be consistent in how you expect them to deliver. In doing so, your people will understand the direction of travel and the purpose behind their contribution. Simultaneously, you will provide a framework for colleagues to engage in continual performance conversations. You will enable them to apply effective and equitable consequence management to performance outcomes. Finally, you will create a culture of accountability that drives the successful delivery of your strategic goals. Sounds pretty good, right?

From reorgs to role profiles, competency/behavioural frameworks, to employee value propositions, we have a track record of assisting clients in developing the correct tools and techniques that support their needs and deliver consistent, sustainable performance through effective organisational design and development practices.