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Our Approach

We apply our simple IC² formula, to develop your people and deliver improved and sustainable business performance.

Step 1

Step 1


…the real business and people problem

  • Assess the human capital/business
  • Benchmark performance and behaviour
  • Define the desired result and outcome

Step 2


..a solution that is fit for purpose

  • Designed specifically to address the identified business need
  • Using the most appropriate academia for the learning outcome required
  • Applying pragmatic logic to how learners will engage with the learning required

Step 3


to enhance performance

  • Delivering with impact, and through accelerated learning
  • Coaching and facilitating learners, to enhance their engagement
  • Challenging the learner’s existing behaviours and performance levels

Step 4


…to embed the learning and maximise results

  • Ensuring practical application back in the workplace
  • Holding people to account, through performance and consequence frameworks
  • Measuring the impact and making any ‘change’ the norm