Talent Hackathons

Looking for a fresh approach to talent development? Consider a Talent Hackathon! This innovative method of problem-solving and networking brings together internal and external talent to create real solutions to defined challenges. Traditionally an IT and software development crowdsourcing tool, there’s plenty of opportunity to repurpose this approach for business, education, or social purposes. The beauty of this method lies in networking your internal talent with a myriad of external individuals and organisations; all focused on creating solutions to defined problems.

Rather than just being a ‘brainstorming’ session, these ‘hacks’ aim to develop actionable plans. This not only offers great leadership experience but also supports participants in networking, problem-solving, creative thinking, and planning skills. Such events can be limited to internal participants, fostering communities of practice that tackle specific strategic challenges.

Facebook has developed a similar process, placing the onus on self-directed internal movement. Colleagues who successfully complete a project can choose their next project team, fostering continuous innovation and engagement.

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