Supplier of the Year

Not ones to brag…but you know…well, some news is worth shouting about…and this just so happens to be that sort of news!

We are very pleased to announce that we have been short-listed for the Training Journal Supplier of the Year Award 2014; for our work with Story Group…note the shiny new badge at the top right of the screen; cool hey?

The whole IC team would like to thank every individual across the Story Group for their commitment, effort, passion and honesty in helping to deliver their people strategy. It continues to be a pleasure to be associated with such a successful business.

So what exactly did we do then? Well to cut a long story short (no pun intended…well maybe a small one), Story Group is forecasting heavy growth within both its Homes and Contracting divisions…along the lines of double digit growth for both businesses…told you it was big!

Crucially it was important for them to ensure that bottom line growth was done in a behaviourally sustainable manner; by articulating what ‘great looks like’ operationally and behaviourally, whilst being true to 25yrs of values and culture…identifying existing gaps against this definition and providing required development to support the growth.

We helped each business within the Group to create a unique Employee Value Proposition founded on the bedrock of their own behavioural frameworks…created by their people, and for their people…all delivered “in a Cumbrian accent” – their quote, not ours.

What does this mean to the people on the ground though? Well the simple answer is that by creating the behavioural frameworks and role profiles collaboratively with colleagues, everyone within the business has played a part in defining what the expectations are covering ‘the what’ and ‘the how’ people will deliver – helping with substantial learning and ownership of the project. Colleagues are proactively seeking their own learning opportunities and supporting those of their peers; sharing a common vocabulary and openly discussing behaviours …driving L&D beyond its functional boundaries, creating the environment for a true learning organisation.

What’s the impact of all this?? Employee turnover had dropped by circa 10% – investing in their people has grown their reputation as employers of choice, recruiting based on both technical and behavioural fit. A culture of high performance is developing with continuous learning at the heart of interactions…to the effect that…

• Story Homes has shown double digit growth
• Story Contracting has shown double digit growth; has been awarded Network Rail’s Supplier of the Year 2014; and is an Employer of the Year Construction Finalist 2014
• Similar growth is forecasted for each business in the next 3 years

Not bad hey? So…to end this shameless self-promotion…we will leave you with a quote:

“Innovation Central has played many roles: coach, consultant and critical friend; helping us to create a future proof EVP that is already helping to deliver our growth. I genuinely don’t believe we would have made the progress we have without them, often referring to them as our ‘boutique L&D department’. I cannot recommend them highly enough; they will certainly always be my provider of choice in developing and L&D initiative”

Right then…off we go to let our blushes die down.