stretching for charity

Team IC have some exciting news…… we are completing a challenge a month; starting in May by running the Manchester 10k to raise money for Headway North Staffordshire.  The challenges will consist of an intensive Boot Camp weekend, sky dive, walking the 3 Peaks in Yorkshire, swimming 20k, 24 miles in 24 hours and finishing in December by running the Liverpool Santa run!

So why I hear you ask…. well it all started on May 19th 2012….. When I (Lisa) received a telephone call at 9.25am on a Sunday morning, little did I know how much my family’s life would change overnight.

It’s no secret  that mum and I have a passion for the equestrian world and are very privileged to own our very own Thoroughbred ‘Murphy’  Mum had fallen on a Sunday Farm Ride and was rushed into A & E where the consultant confirmed the worse news…. Mum had a large bleed to the left hand side of her brain and was quickly transferred to intensive care, where mum stayed for 3 weeks where the pressure was closely monitored on her brain.  Following the three weeks we turned off the sedation and awaited a response from mum it was the longest week ever……… finally she awoke not speaking and fading in and out of sleep.

It’s been a roller coaster 10 months of ups and downs, not knowing when mum woke up completely what treatment would be required.

On the 11th July mum transferred to the Harplands hospital on a ward for people who have brain injuries; the shouting, ranting, memory loss, calling us different names are just a few of the things we went through it was all part of the brain healing we were told…which was really hard for us as a family to see mum go through totally helpless it was just a waiting game.  The feeling of no control  and total helplessness.  Mum was in a state of PTA (Post Traumatic Amentia), the weeks went by and so did the months then in November mum was finally moved to the rehabilitation unit at the Haywood hospital having come out of PTA.

So here we are some 11 months on and mum is here to tell the tale and well on the road to recovery, learning to walk again and a whole host of everyday things we take for granted.   Mum is now home yip heeee!! 11 months on and cared for at home, this is down to the quick response team of the Air Ambulance, Doctors and staff from the North Staffs hospital and most of all to my dear friends Rick and Joanne Hampton for being first on the scene and putting my mum into the recovery position, without these people I would not have my mum hear today, how can I ever repay them?

Our next phase of recovery comes with a whole host of challenges and without the support of Headway North Staffs who have provided not only fantastic support for mum but to the whole family.  They are desperate for their own mini bus which they will be able to collect and take home the service users that use the centre (mum included) hence Team IC fundraising to support the charity very close to our hearts.

From all the team at Innovation Central we ask you from the bottom of your hearts to consider donating any amount you can afford to help this amazing and worthy charity…in return we will run, walk, sweat, fall to the earth, swim and most probably shed some tears to thank you!


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