Our Parliament works…it’s leader leads!

Hey all…with all the talk in the media about the deepening and gravely concerning crisis in Syria I felt compelled to comment on the questions that have been raised against Mr Cameron’s authority and leadership.

Firsly…let’s be straight, I am not here to comment on the conflict in Syria only to say that I like 99% of people, hope for a speedy and peaceful resolution to the challenges they are currently facing.

So, now that is hopefully cleared…back to my point.  I’m a little confused with all the hoo-ha (is that how you spell that??) surrounding the impact of the Parliament vote of David Cameron’s authority.  Why aren’t we pleased that MPs have been empowered to do their job?  It shows our Parliament is robust and evidences that democracy does work.  In a climate of suspicion, Mr Cameron has shown great awareness in recalling Parliament early and allowing MPs to do what we pay them to do…debate the issue and vote based on the discussions they have.  That is exactly how Parliament is intended to work.

Granted there are going to be whispers in Whitehall regarding Cameron’s authority, but his ability to lead should not be doubted.  Leaders need to listen to the opinions of those around them and act accordingly.  Better listening means better leadership, even if what you hear is in contrast to what you believe.

All this may harm the ‘special relationship’ (terrible terminology by the way), but that is recoverable and we should not be at the beck and call of our overseas pals.  The public’s opinion was damaged by the actions in Iraq and with, as yet, with no confirmation from the UN inspectors as to who is responsible for the heinous use of chemical weapons, we simply cannot afford to go on the attack.

Equally, let’s cut the nonsense about it being an opportunity for Red Ed to stand tall this morning (his own parties amendment was also rejected for heaven’s sake) and lets instead be grateful that our Parliament and our democracy work…God knows there have been too many examples of the failure of each elsewhere in the World.

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