Our new site!

Well, here we are…our lovely new site.

How did we get here? Well, truth be told…with a lot of help, patience and guidance from a couple of brilliant partners. More on those guys in a bit.

We’d been kicking around the idea of brand refresh for some time. Our previous site, which did us proud, had failed to grow with us and ended up providing somewhat of a confused brand presence to our customers.

Our aim has been to streamline the presentation of our services, approach and experience (case studies) into a cohesive and understandable narrative. To do this, we wanted to use our brand characters and improve the user interactivity, through the use of animations across the site.

Our choice of partners was crucial to making our vision a reality. Naturally, we wanted the world, at a reasonable price point. We also needed a little hand holding and reassurance along the way.

Persona were selected to pull together the design and development of the site; and Joshua Bent was commissioned to deliver the creation of the illustrated characters he had been helping us to develop over the prior 18 months.

Firstly Persona. What a team! A right bunch of amazing people. They challenged our thinking, pushed our boundaries and produced an end-product that was way beyond what we thought was feasible. They learnt a whole new way to animate images on the site – how’s about that for true partnership working! Awesome.

And Josh…super talent. Josh has nailed every single brief we have given him, first time, every time. His ability to visualise some challenging concepts and services has been brilliant to see and is testament to his ability to connect with his clients.

And the site…well hopefully you like it. It should all be pretty self-explanatory. Have a browse round, see what you think, all feedback welcome.


Team IC