Affordable Leadership Assessment

Following our advertising campaign promoting the launch of our IC360°, we thought we would drop down some notes on why we chose to offer 360°s at such a low price point.

We believe that there is currently a real need to drive self-awareness and improve personal performance, both operationally and behaviourally, in UK organisations.  With this in mind IC are on a mission to make self-awareness and personal development affordable for all, regardless of your sector or size of organisation.  This approach will provide a ‘real’ return on investment and give you the biggest bang for your buck.

When consultancies suggest that they offer a ‘holistic’ approach to leadership development, it often makes us question their understanding of the term.  How is it possible to be holistic and yet price an invaluable form of leadership assessment at a point that is often too commercially challenging for organisations to use beyond their top tier?  If you think about it, it’s a contradiction of approach versus action.  Effectively they are financially penalising their Clients by charging them an exorbitant amount of money to develop their people.

For the majority of organisations, it is the middle management population who have the most impact on the human capital.  Therefore, if you REALLY are an ethics led business, it makes sense to go to market with a 360° that provides value for money and crucially makes personal development affordable and accessible for all.

The IC360° comes with every aspect of a 360° you will ever require.  It can be used to benchmark against ‘world class norm’, sector and group data, or it can be adapted to measure against your own assessment criteria.  Critically the price is the same, no matter what you assess against or how you choose to assess your people.

Hopefully our move will lay down a marker for the rest of the UK consultancy industry to follow – it should always be about quality and value!

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