Kier Group

Aligning Development and Strategic Objectives

The Challenge

As Kier Group expanded and diversified, it recognised that development investments were primarily focused on the upper and lower leadership levels, leaving middle managers with limited or inconsistent growth opportunities. The company sought a program aligned with its 20/20 vision and strategic objectives, empowering middle managers to reach their full potential while driving strategic goals.

In collaboration with Innovation Central, the following essential learning outcomes were identified:

  • Increased self-awareness and the cultivation of meaningful relationships
  • Strengthened ability to manage and motivate others for consistently high performance
  • Increased leadership and management effectiveness and impact

Kier also insisted on a recognised qualification as the foundation of the program. Delegates were required to apply for program participation, securing support and approval from their direct line managers.

The Solution

Before crafting the learning content, Innovation Central dove deep into the business, engaging with various disciplines and locations. By connecting with line managers, potential delegates, and their direct reports, we gained invaluable insights into the culture, cultural shadows, language, and challenges faced by Kier Group leaders daily. These insights fuelled the development of authentic and engaging learning content, resonating with learners and shaping the anecdotal storytelling driving facilitated learning sessions.

The comprehensive three-day program started with a tailored 360° feedback process, aligning with Keir’s values and behavioural framework. All learning modules were mapped to the Institute of Leadership and Management’s (ILM) Level 5 qualification, providing delegates with custom ILM guides, assignment packs, and personalised tutorial support.

We utilised Boomerang HR-Apps‘ goal-tracker service, enabling delegates to set and commit to SMART goals after each learning module. The online platform ensured transparency and allowed Innovation Central to identify key themes, informing the client of delegates’ developmental areas and the programme’s effectiveness.

A launch event was orchestrated for HR and L&D Business Partners, securing their support and familiarising them with the programme’s objectives. A delegate managers’ pack was also provided, outlining the program, timeline, and guidance on how they could assist. This pack included coaching tips and questions to support delegate learning.

Innovation Central’s ‘resultancy’ pricing model demonstrated our commitment to delivering the desired learning outcomes, with 80% of fees paid upfront and the remaining 20% upon completing the ILM qualification.

The Results

Now in its fourth year, the program has delivered impressive outcomes, including:

  • 478 Kier Group learners empowered and enhanced through the programme
  • Over 30 cohorts successfully completed
  • A remarkable 86% pass rate on the ILM qualification
  • Clear, shared goals and commitments established across Kier Group
  • Insights into behavioural performance and leadership impact from the 360° feedback process
  • Numerous internal promotions across diverse disciplines.

IC’s engagement has resulted in a pragmatic and straightforward approach to the development and delivery of a programme that has evolved over the period.

To measure success, Innovation Central worked with us to develop unique consolidation events to give us greater insight into the value gained from both an individual and business perspective. This approach and integration with the senior team has earned them respect and has led to them carrying out further work within Kier; including their involvement with the graduate programme.”

Head of Learning & Development

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